Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our first BIG giveaway

We want to see you with 'PINEVILLE' .

Let me explain.

There are quite a few cities with the name 'Pineville' and we thought it would be great to see YOU in a picture with a city sign or even better the cities police car behind you with the name 'Pineville'

We know you are out there and we would love to see you.

So this giveaway is a fun and easy one just four simple steps to win.

1- Take a picture with the city sign or police cruiser from Pineville behind you or with you
2- Follow our Twitter @AbsolutHeist
3- Post it to our twitter @AbsolutHeist
4- You win!

What can you win you ask? A very cool bracelet and a very cool and exclusive picture of our star Booboo Stewart.

It's that simple and we hope to see you soon.

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