Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pineville Update time, From Lee

Update time. I know you are all excited about getting The Pineville Heist to camera... so am I. Funding a $2m movie isn't easy and most applications are in... it's now a waiting game. The federal agency here in Canada, Telefilm doesn't even accept applications until April and May. The other option is that everyone buys lottery tickets and maybe you become a powerball winner... fancy funding a  movie? :)

We have put Pineville forward to which offers a million dollars to a film that can demonstrate a commercial project and engage an audience early... perfect for Pineville! If you can RT any #pinevilleheist tweets over the next few month that would be great!

Also, some great press recently with Dolly Magazine in Australia featuring Pineville, Pop Culture Madness just ran an interview and review and the Houston Press has a feature coming up soon.
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