Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pineville needs YOUR help!

Alright folks... the campaign for The Pineville Heist to win a million dollars in funding has begun on Over the next 15 weeks this social experiment will give fans a chance to influence who gets the funding. There are 91 projects up for it. Winning cinecoup makes sure we would go to camera this September. We need your help!

Please go check out the project, register, vote and take part over the next 15 weeks. Get family and friends to support our plans to shoot in 2013 too! 

Why we should do this? We want to see Booboo star in this awesome book and see our fave book come alive on the big screen! In order for this to happen sooner than later we need ALL OF YOUR HELP!

Register to vote ITS FREE and get the word out to all your friends, and family to VOTE NOW and help WIN THE MONEY!

Post the voting links on your sites, on your tumblr’s on your facebook page, Of course on Twitter!

Let’s get behind this amazing project and be heard!