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REQUEST to take part:

Wanna help promote The Pineville Heist during the Twilight premiere in November? Will be exciting to have the last movie hit the theaters... but then what? Fans need a new book and movie to look forward to! And I have one for ya. My little book has already done super well selling better than 90% of most books out there. But I wanna reach more fans. It's not about money (Obviously as I also gave away 40,000 ebooks so far this year). It's about readers and fans... for both the book and the movie planned for the cameras next year with Booboo signed to play Aaron Stevens.

What I am doing is truly unique - by engaging fans well before the movie. And you are super awesome just for considering to help raise awareness with fellow Twilight fans by introducing my little book (with big dreams). We are in the funding stage now, with a distributor attached and LA-based Sales Agency interested in repping the film. What will really spark funders to join is to see this amazing and building support for the book. I am investing all my book profits into a massive campaign in November, pushing for exposure in the USA Today, Entertainment Weekly and other major news outlets international. Booboo is on board and supportive! Woo Hoo... Still, it's a gamble that will truly pay off if I can attract more readers and followers. I believe in Pineville and Booboo... and I believe in you. 

I have a wicked cool color postcard about it that you can share with fans in line as you wait to watch the movie or after the movie as they leave. What will really encourage them to check out or follow @pinevilleheist or read the book: is your enthusiasm. And I know that Twilight fans aren’t shy about what they love! That is awesome.

So what will you get out of all of this. Well, as the movie moves forward there will be more goodies and special things just for the diehard Pineville fans. The founding members of Team Booboo Pineville. From signed Pineville stills to official Pineville crew shirts... and many other cool ideas in the works. What we need now is more folks around the country (and around the world) to join in, have fun and help spread the word. With your help maybe we can get this little thriller onto the New York Times Bestsellers List. Wouldn't that be cool? 

The cards are printed and ready to ship out and the AbsolutPineville fan club has set up a not-for-profit way for you to order up a Team Pineville T-Shirt. You can also contact Jenn and Sarah who run for your promo cards. ( @AbsolutHeist ) The girls also have some awesome games and giveaways!

So far we are 30+ cities in 6 countries. Can we find team members in every State and Province? I think we can!

If you are game to help out, email me back with your full mailing address so I can keep you up to date and get you some cards!


Lee Chambers (being updating with more info and pics)

@pinevilleheist TWITTER


  1. hey i want to help out with the movie and to get people to notice it can you send me some stuff to give out to people

  2. I will need to know who you are and get your information. Kindly follow our twitter so we can talk @AbsolutHeist Thanks!

  3. Hi my name is Anna Hurtado I want to help out with the movie and the book and to get people to notice it you can send me some stuff to give out to peoople. Have a good day. :)


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